About Me

For some reason I am drawn to old and odd objects the things that 'normal' people might just throw away! 

After moving from an old house to an even older house (a farm house built in 1774) I feel compelled to make, do and indeed mend most all of the things around me, I was once even asked to leave an antique shop that I visit regularly because the owner had his concerns that my house would soon be turning into something that resembled Steptoe's back yard!

I am drawn to colour, print, pattern, texture, spangly, tarnished and rusty treasure in equal measure, indeed I have to confess I am gradually turning into a bit of a magpie, having said all this it does slightly confuse me as I love order, tidiness and structure and even admit to loving a contemporary twist.

So, needless to say I feel like I am about to embark on a journey and I'm not sure as to where exactly I am going, I have even invited a few friends to come along with me, so here we go...enjoy!