Wednesday, 1 May 2013


It was time for a refresh...should I go for a dotty wallpaper or this recolour of the cherry blossom from last year...I decided to go dotty!!

But I still love the pastels in this print!

I will pop it in the wallpaper pages so it's easy for you to find!


Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I picked these lovely Tokyo Milk treats up on a trip to Singapore, how could I resist this beautiful packaging...they smell amazing too!!

1. Just Desserts - soap (part of a trio)
2. Let Them Eat Cake - Shea butter hand lotion
3. Moonflower - 3 mix and match fragrance vials (2 of each in the box)

If you live in the UK you can also buy Tokyo Milk products online at Bath & Unwind

Monday, 29 April 2013


With the wedding season nearly upon us, here is a vintage mood board to inspire you...
highlights of muted soft pastels add a modern twist.

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Some beautiful vintage treasure...

Some lovely images and colours to inspire you for a  beautiful vintage wedding.

Oooh I feel a mood board coming on!



After a pretty hectic year in 2012 and the same leading into 
2013 the decision has to be made whether to continue with Undoubtedly Vintage or not!

I had big plans of what I wanted to do and projects I planned on sharing... a great start in the first few months and then...a new in general...there's so little time!

Thank you to the lovely people that still pop by to take a peek in the hope that there is something new to look at...sorry...that's not been very much!

So, this is a last ditch attempt to pick up where I left off!!!

When I read the 'what are we going to talk about' section in the header on my home page I still feel excited and inspired and disappointed in myself that I haven't found the time!

No big promises...but I'm going to give it a go...I'm going to try and find some time...from somewhere!!

Here is a poster as a little thank you...a reminder that time is precious!
Maybe personalise it as a gift for a friend or loved one.

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* Please remember that all images remain the property of Undoubtedly Vintage this image is for your personal
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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


It seems like such a long time ago now but here is a reminder of the little bit of summer we had...

Happy days! x