Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Being a designer means that you seem to attract similar like minded people as friends and you become a magnet for 'designer types' !

These 'designer types' always have a new idea or a new project that they are working on and in this section of the blog we are going to show you what they have been up to! 
A showcase for us to champion their talents and creativity!

It appears that there are craft classes popping up all over the country, everything from 'knit and natter' to quilting, rag rugging and stained glass making to name but a few. 
A friend of ours decided to join one of these very classes, two hours a week on a Friday afternoon and only £8.00 a year to learn a craft and drink tea! Perfect!!

So, Janet wanted to make a rag rug! Most people undertaking a new skill or craft would probably start on a small scale but not Janet she had a very specific mission to replace the old rug in her lovely bathroom, the thing was that this rug measured 115cm x 160cm...and so the labour of love began!...

Janet's rag started it's life back in September 2011 and this basket is where it lives until it is completed and reaches its final destination on the bathroom floor!

The hessian areas are the bits that need to be completed...

It all starts here with hessian which you can get for about £2.50 a meter from a fent shop or local market. To calculate how much hessian you need decide on your finished size of rag rug and then add about 5cm all the way around for turning and finishing.

Then your chosen colours of scrap fabrics, these can be old t-shirts, scarves or basically any old clothes or fabric that is non fraying.
Then all you do is chop them up into strips 2cm x 6.5cm and then you are ready to go! 
Oh, and you will need one of these... 'Rag Rugger' tools.

The technique is quite simple, you push the tip of the tool through the hessian
and clip it to one of your strips...

Then you pull the strip back through the loop of hessian and centralise it, this process is repeated in lines around your rug.

The picture below shows what the reverse of the rag rug should look like!

So, we will end this post with a picture of this lovely rag rug now it has been thrown into the limelight the pressure is on for Janet to push on and complete
it...don't worry though we are going to keep an eye on its progress and report back on how it is coming along!!! X


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