Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I just wanted to show you these lovely books, both of them 
very fitting for Valentine's Day.

I found this book while I was clearing out the shed the other week, it originally belonged to my auntie who died some years ago. I love the fact that although she never married she had been engaged four times!! I remember a story about one of the men being so devastated at the fact she refused to marry him he ran off and joined the Foreign Legion! Prior to that he had been a Barrister!

I wonder if this book was a gift from one of the four men!! 

It was originally published in 1957 by Faber & Faber of 24 Russell Square London, the price inside the front page says 7s 6d. I just love the colours of the artwork.
I checked them out on google and Faber & Faber are still going but now reside at:

Bloomsbury House
74-77 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DA

If you click on the link highlighted in blue you can read a bit more about them...it's a lovely story and I'm so pleased that they are still going!

The book is now sitting on my bookshelf!

I bought this book in Paris back in the early 90's the price is still stuck on the back and it cost me 120F. It is by Roberta B. Etter and published by Abbeville Press 
in New York.
The book is filled with a vast array of charming trinkets that lovers have bestowed upon one another through the ages!

The book is still available to buy.

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