Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Well... look what the builders found!!!...

Last week we had the builders in, I've got kind of used to the upheaval and mess now and just focus my mind on the final out come!

So, the builders were laying the pipes for gas, electricity and water into the labour of love that 'is' our new extension...there's a long way to go and we will come back to this in some future 'labour of love' posts...I'm just building myself up for this task and deciding where to start!

This isn't a toilet!! No! It is in fact an old old 'unused' drain so I am told and obviously I couldn't just take it to the tip like 'normal' people so my mind started working overtime and then I turned it into something beautiful!!

Oh, I'm so pleased with my little self!

It's NOT just a drain...

It's a thing of beauty!

- Take a small bag of compost.
- 2 varieties of Thyme
- 2 pots of miniature daffodil bulbs
- A small bag of Alpine grit

And...voilĂ !! Perfect! X

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