Thursday, 23 February 2012


A quick product alert!

I bought this journal the other week from Paperchase I have a bit of a 'thing' for note books, I actually buy them even though I don't need them and although this sounds weird I often keep them for years before I use them! 
As you can imagine I have quite a stash!!

My friend Lorna has this very same illness we decided some years ago that it was probably called 'only child syndrome', her husband Rob actually wrote in one of her note books once and nearly tipped her over the edge!! HOW VERY DARE HE!!

Anyway, I just couldn't resist these beautiful butterflies!! X


  1. Ooo eer, it's me Lorna, the fellow "only child" with the notebook thing!! We also have a bit of a thing about paper in general! and as for those wee post office sets we had as children, well...
    Thankfully, you can still get these nice Childrens presents, can I suggest the shop in the Imperial war museum in manchester,they have the above, and paper dress up dollies,tiddlywinks and more!