Friday, 24 February 2012


Well, we are coming to the end of February next week and we simply couldn't move on without a little nod to the lovely Snowdrop!

As I was searching for a bit of colour the other day I remembered the little patch of Snowdrops we have in the cottage garden. It's quite sad actually because I seldom visit this bit of the garden as over the last few years it has become a storage ground for the builders, my lovely pond has been replaced by a huge mound of stone and the whole area resembles some kind of bomb site!

I think at some point in the coming months I will do a post and take a few photographs so we can do a before and after! 

Anyway, as a homage to the Snowdrop our wallpaper is changing and I have taken a few photos to inspire you for the weekend!

The little snowdrop vase above has been in our family for as long as I can remember, as a child I used to collect snowdrops from the garden for my mum, I also remember buying her bunches of snowdrops from a local florist...that's something I haven't seen for years!

There are lots of Snowdrop gardens to visit around the country, Hodstock Priory in Nottinghamshire has five acres of formal gardens and 12 acres of Snowdrop covered woodland...I think I might try and fit in a visit before they disappear! X

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